Layer It Up

With the warm weather in full swing here in New Orleans, it can be hard to know how to dress—I still want to wear my sweaters, but without sweating through my clothes. A perfect way to combat this issue and look trendy at the same time is layering different styles and silhouettes. I used this… Continue reading Layer It Up


Couture FW Runway Rundown

It's time for me to do one of my favorite posts: Runway Rundowns. This past week was Couture Fashion Week in Paris, and there were some spectacular showings. These couture shows are my personal favorite because they're never afraid to push the limits; they're pieces of art, not ready-to-wear clothing. Read on for my three… Continue reading Couture FW Runway Rundown


Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion Exhibit Review

This weekend, I took my travels to London! It was a beautiful city with such a modern feel, and one of my favorite things I did was attend the Victoria and Albert Museum. This gorgeous museum houses various art collections that are free to the public, and this season they're featuring a fashion exhibit! The… Continue reading Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion Exhibit Review