Sources of Inspiration

As I get older and my style continues to evolve, I am often confronted with many new, unexpected places to find inspiration. I am thankful every day that I spend the majority of my time in New Orleans, a city with so much culture and style at every turn. If you asked me to define my style right now, I would probably have a hard time pinning it down: I love neutrals, but am also really into colors like mustard and emerald, I am loving all kinds of pants but also think dresses are great, and sometimes I feel very edgy while other times very simple and girly. Regardless of my personal taste at the moment, which I know will only continue to cement itself, I draw inspiration from the same few places day after day.

My biggest source of inspiration right now, as I mentioned, is the city around me. Especially since it’s so hot down here, people on the streets have really been experimenting with fashion and embracing summer vibes. From the elegant yet bold French Quarter, to the quaint, boho Garden District, I think every neighborhood in this city offers its own style. I look to the architecture at Tulane for minimalism, the flowers in bloom. It’s safe to say I can’t wait to spend my summer in NYC, gaining even more inspiration from my environment!

I have a great new habit of adding things to my collection on Instagram when I really love them. Sometimes, I just see someone wearing something, and I think, “I need to try that too.” If you look through my collection, you’ll see some cool jewelry, trendy summer sandals, and cargo pants I’m dying to try. While so many of these items are designer (aka out of my price range), the high street has been drawing inspiration from them and has great options. Being able to draw inspiration from influencers and other ordinary girls who play with fashion is really cool to me. It lends to the endless cycle of personal style that we all play with in different ways. Some of my favorite people at the moment for style inspo are: @inthefrow, @aimeesong, @emmahill, @helenborden, and the ladies of @manrepeller. They all offer such different perspectives that I wish I could fuze into one look!

Where do you look for inspiration?

With Love,



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