Layer It Up

With the warm weather in full swing here in New Orleans, it can be hard to know how to dress—I still want to wear my sweaters, but without sweating through my clothes. A perfect way to combat this issue and look trendy at the same time is layering different styles and silhouettes. I used this trick in this recent outfit to achieve that “I care just enough” vibe.


I’ve been loving this skin-toned thin mock-neck lately because it’s such a versatile piece. The idea of wearing turtlenecks and long-sleeves under things is taking street style by storm, and I am here for it. For the layer, I put on this baggy Wildfox graphic tee. The shape of this shirt contrasts with the tight mock-neck, but they look so good together because of how unexpected the combo is. I think this looks way cooler and more contrived than just wearing either of the pieces on their own. If it wasn’t so hot out, I would’ve even thrown on a vest over top!

I paired these tops with some classic vintage Levi’s shorts, a black belt, and black sneakers. The layering is the focus of the outfit so I kept it pretty classic on the bottom. The belt does a nice job of breaking everything up and tying the look together. I love wearing unexpected and cool things, but using other pieces to make sure the look isn’t too crazy.

How do you wear layers? Show me in the comments!

With love,



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