Couture FW Runway Rundown

It’s time for me to do one of my favorite posts: Runway Rundowns. This past week was Couture Fashion Week in Paris, and there were some spectacular showings. These couture shows are my personal favorite because they’re never afraid to push the limits; they’re pieces of art, not ready-to-wear clothing. Read on for my three favorite collections from Spring ’18 Haute Couture.

1. Ellie Saab

This collection literally took my breath away. The beading on the gowns is so impressive and beautiful, and I loved how the color palette stuck mostly to blacks, silvers, and creams, with some intermittent pops of color. As I scrolled through, I was blown away by beauty and then began to think about how long and how much work these designs took.These gowns are definitely made for royalty and I think Saab achieved the perfect balance between elegance and glamour in this collection.

2. John Paul Gaultier

JPG is known for pushing the boundaries and making a statement with his pieces, and this collection was no different. His androgynous looks packed a punch walking down the runway, and I loved the variety of dresses, skirts, pants, and shorts. The model styling was amazing, and fit the futuristic vibe of the clothes. This collection reminded me of a chic version of The Hunger Games or some other utopian world, where the women are strong and confident. Who can dislike that?

3. Giambattista Valli

A lesser known designer, Valli brought so much variety to his collection this year, and his artistry was so pretty. Using the word pretty often doesn’t do these looks justice, but in this case, that’s what they were; sweeping gowns, sequined skirts, and floral appliqué that any girl would love to wear. The different designs, silhouettes, and techniques made for a truly interesting show. I can definitely see some of my favorite celebrities wearing one of these romantic designs on the next red carpet.

There you have it: my favorites from the ‘Spring 18 showing. When picking my favorites, it’s honestly about a vibe and feeling of inspiration that I get than any particular aspect of design. These collections made me audibly say “wow,” and send them to friends to discuss how stunning and different they are.

Photos courtesy of Vogue.

Let me know your favorite designers from this round of Fashion Week in the comments!

With love,



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