Graphic Power

We all love a simple and comfy T-shirt, but sometimes, that can get a little boring. That’s why I’m super happy that graphic tees of all shapes, patterns, and colors have become popular over the past few months. Whether it’s your favorite band logo, a cool slogan, or a pretty floral print, your favorite graphic tee can instantly make a simple outfit and keep you looking cool throughout the whole day. I chose one of my favorites for this cool street-style outfit.

Personally, my favorite type of graphic tees are ones with words on them. Some of my friends make fun of me for this, but I think it’s really fun to literally let your clothes say something for you, even if it can be silly! I spotted this cool “vibes” shirt at a boutique here in Amsterdam and it just spoke to me. I love lightning bolt motifs, and I liked how the colors were a bright palette but intentionally muted. It gave the shirt a vintage and worn look that I love my T-shirts to have, even if they’re brand new.


I paired this comfy shirt with some flowy black culottes and white platform sneakers. Like I said, graphic tees have the power to make your whole look, so there’s really no need to add much else. The shirt speaks for itself! I hope graphic shirts continue to be cool instead of just pajama tops, because I have much more to say.

Show me your favorite graphic tee in the comments below!


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