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POTW: Loafer Season

Life has been SO busy lately, so I haven’t had time to show you all the pieces I’ve been loving lately! I’m back now with my current favorite shoes that are probably one of the biggest fall/winter trends: loafers. Gucci was the first major brand to come out with a sleek pair of black loafers with gold hardware, but since we can’t all drop $500 on shoes, there are now countless copies, some with their own fun twist. I picked up this insanely cheap pair from River Island and have been obsessed with them.

To be honest, loafers were never really a style I considered to be fashion-forward; I associate them more with my grandma. But as soon as I saw them paired with some mom jeans and a blazer, I was sold. Loafers are so simple and classic that they have the ability to look great with virtually anything. As a young person trying to make my wardrobe feel a bit more sophisticated, these were the perfect addition. The pair I got had the classic black color and gold detail chain, along with some fun details that make them more youthful and fun!

First of all, I LOVE the studs on these. Gold is such a great accent color that instantly adds chicness, and the studs are very current and make the shoes a bit edgier. The patent leather-like sheen on these shoes is also something that I thought made them seem more trendy and young. These loafers also have fur lining similar to the OG Gucci pair, but it’s black and more subtle—and great for actually keeping your feet warm.

Pairing these with straight-cut jeans and a sweater for a casual day, or trousers and a blazer for something more formal, is the best way to go. They ensure you will look put-together and sophisticated, with a little fashionable flair. I definitely plan on picking up another fun pair of loafers ASAP.

How do you feel about the loafer trend?




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