Serious ’90s Vibes

If you know me, you probably know one of my favorite movies of all time is the 1995 classic Clueless. From Alicia Silverstone’s iconic lines to the creepy but amazing love story between her and Josh to her impeccable style, this movie has everything. While it may now be 2017, I took some inspiration from Cher’s closet the other day in putting together this look that could take me straight to Beverly Hills High.


Let’s begin with this cropped sweater. This fall, the trend is definitely huge, oversized, chunky knit sweaters, and while I’m always down for that, I wanted to go against the grain a bit. This ribbed and cropped sweater is thin but thick enough to keep you warm, and has some balloon sleeves that really make a statement. I loved the red color because I feel like it’s such a vibrant, eye-catching shade right now.

I paired this cute and affordable sweater with one of my favorite recent purchases: this plaid skirt. While the idea of a plaid skirt usually conjures school-girl-like silhouettes, this one gives something very different. The classic color palette allows for a tight shape and a cute ruffle detail going down the side. I loved how the red lines in the skirt pattern complemented the sweater in a matchy-matchy 1990s teenager way. I threw on my classic white platform sneakers and felt like all I was missing was my Walkman.


Even though it’s cool to keep up with current trends, I really love channeling different eras when I get dressed. Throwing it back can be so fun and make you feel like you get to play a sort of character for the day!

What is your favorite era to emulate? Let me know down below!




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