Documentaries All Fashionistas Must See

I’m just going to say it: I LOVE documentaries. As cool as fictional films are, there’s nothing quite like getting that inside look at something that really happened and impacted our world. I love true crime documentaries, documentaries about celebrities, and most of all, documentaries having to do with fashion. I’ve compiled a list of the documentaries that I think all fashion-loving ladies must watch. So stop what you’re doing, settle in with some popcorn and a notebook, because these films are entertaining AND informative.


I’ll be honest; before watching this documentary, I had very little clue as to who Iris Apfel was. I had heard the name, but didn’t comprehend her profound influence on the fashion world, as well as the lovable nature of her personality. This documentary gives a peek into the life and times of one of America’s biggest style icons, with her uniquely flamboyant wardrobe. Iris is such an inspiration in so many ways, and her positive energy just proves that style has no age.

2—The September Issue

If you’re a magazine junkie like me, you know that the September issue is always the biggest issue for fashion mags. It foretells what is to come for the whole season and the foreseeable future of the publication. This documentary looks at the production of Vogue‘s 2007 September issue, giving ordinary people a private look into the inner working of the renowned fashion bible. Seeing Anna Winter and Grace Coddington in action is truly magical.

3—The Secret World of Haute Couture

In this more informative BBC documentary, the director travels to fashion capitals around the world to explore the making of high-fashion. The clients that regularly use haute-couture designers are an elite group, one that rarely garners attention in the mainstream fashion media. It also tracks the history of custom haute-couture clothing and shows how relatively little has changed for these unique clients.

4—The First Monday in May

This film follows the production of the 2016 Met Ball, one of the biggest nights in fashion. The collaboration between Anna Winter and the Met is one of the greatest meetings of minds, which produces an extraordinary Chinese-inspired exhibit. The First Monday explores the idea of fashion as an art form, an idea I fully believe in. If you’re a celebrity fan, you’ll also enjoy seeing all of the models walk the beautiful floral runway and celebrities attend the ball.

Have you watched any of these documentaries? Tell me your favorite!


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