Layer It Up

As much as I hate the cold weather, there is one thing about the coming of fall and winter that I like: layering. The opportunity to put on multiple pieces at once creates endless style possibilities, and almost always guarantees you will look more fashion-forward, even when you’re freezing. This weekend, I spent a day going to class and exploring a bit, and temps in the 50s inspired me to put together this cute, monochromatic layered look.


So, I lied; there are two things I like about the cold, the second one being turtlenecks. While turtlenecks used to be associated with your grandma, they have become so fashionable lately and are worn by young and old, normal people and celebrities alike. This heathered gray turtleneck is cozy and perfect for a casual look like this as well as a more professional and fancy look if need be. I paired it with these dark gray jeans, with some slight rips in the knees. I love the color of these jeans because they’re just something a bit unexpected compared to black or blue jeans. These two pieces went together so well since they’re variations of the same shade (monochromatic looks are one of my favorite ways to look chic). I obviously threw on my white platform sneakers and my distressed denim jacket for extra warmth and comfort, and the look was complete.

I think this outfit is easy, warm, cozy, and cute. Literally, what else could a girl ask for? I’ll be layering some interesting pieces and sticking with some monochrome vibes for the rest of the season, so stick around to see some awesome looks like this one!


Let me know your best fall styling tips in the comments below!




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