Pop of Color

As a lover of neutrals, it can be too easy for me to just wear black and white all day, every day and be done with it. But I’ve found that one of the best way to jazz up an outfit and step out of your comfort zone is adding one bold pop of color. I used this tactic today in this black, white, and yellow street style look!


To start off, I chose these amazing gingham pants from Zara. I’m really into wide-leg pants lately, and these are perfect because they have a nice flare but still look structured and chic. They hit the perfect place both on the ankle and the waist, leaving them open to so many types of styling. I added a simple black shirt tucked in a bit, and my classic white platform sneakers. This would have been cute enough for me to go about my day, but I wanted to add that extra something.

Enter: this amazing mustard yellow moto jacket. Jackets are so amazing in how much they can elevate a look, and this Zara one is a perfect example of that fact. The color is very trendy for fall right now, and contrasts well with this timeless black and white look. The simple silver hardware on this suede jacket keeps it feeling really urban and modern. Colored jackets, especially in bright or unique colors, make a statement while giving a put-together and fashion-forward look. What more can a girl ask for?


How do you like to wear a bold pop of color? Let me know in the comments!




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