NYFW Roundup Part 2

Continuing on from Sunday’s article, fashion week is now coming to a close and more designers have shown their beautiful RTW collections. Without further adieu, here are some more of my favorites from the second half of the week:

1—Diane Von Furstenberg.

DVF is one of my favorite designers and a #girlboss icon, so it’s no surprise I loved her collection. She delivers the perfect balance of chic and sassy, for the everyday girl who wants to show a bit of her badass side. While some looks are very reminiscent of the 60s and 70s, I feel like this collection was very forward-thinking and showed some colors and combos that weren’t super common on the catwalk this year. If I wanted to channel a modern day version of Mila Kunis’ character on “That ’70s Show,” this collection is where I would shop.

2—Coach 1941.

I truly never thought I would be obsessed with a Coach FW collection, but here we are. The Spring/Summer 2018 collection is edgy yet bohemian, which gives a really relatable vibe. The color palette is cool and naturalistic, and the incorporation of trendy pieces like leather jackets and slip dresses is elevated by Coach’s new styling. The use of graphic designs with glitter merges two different eras of style (the ’30s and the ’80s, respectively), producing a unique effect.

3—Anna Sui.

Anna Sui had the biggest names walking for her this year, but she would have pulled off a showstopper even if I was her model. The diversity in her models was amazing, and they all brought something very different to her ’60s-inspired looks. The bright, bizarre, and altogether different way that Sui has always designed sets her apart from the rest. Her integration of astrological symbols and embroidery are on-trend, creating a space meets Coachella ambiance. If only we all dressed as fun as this collection encourages us to!


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