NYFW Halfway Roundup

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: New York Fashion Week! While I sit and dream of attending the event, thankfully I have the Internet to make me feel like I’m at least kind of there. The week of runway shows is halfway over, and the past three days have brought some amazing, beautiful, daring pieces to the public eye. I’m talking about some of my favorite collections and looks from the first half of NYFW 2017!

1—Tom Ford.

Tom Ford’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection is the epitome of modernity, with a unique twist. I love the way he incorporated the monotone trend, and his use of neutral yet bold color palettes. The rhinestone dresses and coats were literally everything; they define wearable glam. The sleek and sophisticated shapes throughout the entire collection were super modern and a bit androgynous at times, which I loved. To me, this collection is very representative of what is happening in fashion right now!

2—Adam Selman.

To be honest, this is my first time hearing of Adam Selman, but consider me impressed. He combined so many different vibes in his collection yet somehow made it flow so seamlessly together. The use of gingham and floral motifs is very on trend, but he makes these ideas his own in ways we’ve never seen before. This collection shows that runway doesn’t have to be super high-fashion or avant-garde, but can appeal to the average woman who likes to dress nice. I also love how he styled his models very naturally and let the clothes speak for themselves.

3—Alexander Wang.

Alexander Wang is one of my favorite designers of all time, so it’s no surprise his collection blew me away yet again. Wang’s urban vibe is timelessly cool, and he kept that up with the mix of dresses and pantsuits he debuted for Spring/Summer. I’m obsessed with the combination of materials he used, especially the chain metal featured in some pieces. His industrial vibe is the ultimate cool girl look, and his tailoring always looks so amazingly clean and chic. This collection like Wang: unique and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of it.

4—Jill Stuart.

I’m not usually too much of a girly girl, but Jill Stuart’s feminine colors and shapes knocked it out of the park for me. She found a way to make floral, ethereal dresses edgy through her accessorizing and styling, and the use of dark florals is very on trend. I love the way her collection mixes tons of fabrics and utilizes layering to create some really bold looks. I would literally buy everything in this collection, because I think the vibe it gives off is something very new and fresh for the girl who is girly but tough at the same time.

All photos courtesy of Vogue.

What were your favorite NYFW collections so far? Let’s talk in the comments!





11 thoughts on “NYFW Halfway Roundup”

  1. All of those designers knew how to channel their artistry into beautiful clothing. I especially love the Jill Stuart, but I am a girly girl. All of these designers that you have listed have created beautiful collections. I cannot wait to see more. You have a great eye! *winks*


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