Pieces of the Week

Piece of the Week: 9/6/17

This week’s piece of the week is this funky, fun, amazingly comfortable pair of pants. I recently developed a love for pants; not jeans, but actual pants, of all materials and silhouettes. They automatically look put-together, and can amp up a look that would otherwise be worn casually with jeans. This pair of black linen pants are so amazing for the transition from summer to fall, and that’s why I’m obsessed with wearing them!

In terms of shape, these pants are very on-trend; they are high-waisted and have a wide, flowy leg. They also feature this adorable knot in the center, which you can tie many different ways. The knot adds a little bit of visual intrigue that wasn’t otherwise there, which is what I love about fashion in general! These pants are such a great transition piece because they’re light and airy but they’re black, and they look great with sandals, sneakers, booties or heels. They also can easily go from day-to-night and be more dressed up. The best pieces keep it simple while still being fashion-forward and interesting, which is exactly how I would describe these pants.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I chose to pair them with a cropped turtleneck top and white sneakers for a day of class and shopping. I kept it pretty casual and neutral, and these pants were the star; but it’s so easy to add tons of color and fun pieces and these pants will still work beautifully. They’re the perfect mix between black jeans and a skirt, and that’s why they’re my piece of the week. I can’t wait to style them more for cooler temperatures!

What’s your favorite pair of pants? Show me in the comments below!




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