Euro Chic

Hallo! (That’s how the Dutch here in Amsterdam say hello-I’m very cultured now.) Although I’ve only been abroad for a little over a week, I’ve seen so many amazing things and learned a ton. One of my favorite things has been observing the European style; I’ve found that they keep things very simple, but strive to look put-together, classy, and chic. I channeled some European vibes in my outfit to explore the museums the other day, and fit in while being so comfortable!


I’ve noticed that regardless of how hot it is outside, the Dutch rarely wear shorts. They favor light, flowy pants like these ones that I picked up from Zara. They’re breathable and hit just above the ankle, which gives a really nice silhouette. I’ve also been super into stripes lately, so I loved the navy and white detailing on these pants. If you look closely, you can even see that they have a little bit of silver sparkle within the stripes, which adds a sleek and interesting edge. I think these pants are such a statement piece that you can create such a chic outfit around.

These pants are bit high-waisted, so I paired them with a cropped tank top. It’s a simple heather grey that complements the silver in the pants and maintains a neutral color palette. For shoes, I wore these white platform sneakers that have been such a staple during my time here; I literally wear them every day! I threw my industrial neutral Rebecca Minkoff bag over my shoulder and headed off for a day of sight-seeing in this perfectly European chic outfit.


What do you think of this look? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!




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