Summer Trends That Are Here to Stay

As summer comes to a close, the fashion industry is looking forward and rolling out brand new pieces and ideas for fall. While we all go through our wardrobes contemplating fall fashion, it’s important to remember that this summer was full of so many huge trends. Some of these trends are bound to stick for months to come, whether due to their timelessness or just the opposite. I’m rounding up four summer trends that I definitely think we will continue to see in stores for a while


We’ve been seeing the 70s-inspired embroidery trend all over this summer, whether it be on jeans, denim jackets, t-shirts, or shoes. This trend can be girly in the form of pretty flowers, but I think the fall may bring different takes and darker colors to the subject of embroidery. I definitely see this trend transitioning into the cooler months.

2—Cool Denim

As I mentioned before, we’ve seen lots of denim with embroidery lately. We’ve also seen denim sporting two-tone, ripped hems, studs, pearls, and many other awesome details. Since jeans are such a classic wardrobe staple, the idea of trying new things with them will surely stick around, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

3—Sets (Revamped)

Sets have been huge this summer, mostly due to how easy and cute they are. You basically get four outfits in one, and most of them are super comfy and easy to throw on. I’ve seen a few long sleeve sets start to emerge as well as sets that look a little fancier, and I think they’ll continue to be popular in the wintertime. I really love the idea of a sweater set so hopefully brands experiment with that!

4—Astrological Motifs

I’ve been loving all the astrology-themed items I own, and I keep seeing more and more of them in stores! Stars and moons are commonly seen on tops and have a super trendy and edgy feel. Since they’re so cool, I think they will continue to stay in the forefront when it comes to prints.

What trends do you think will stick around this fall/winter? Let me know down below!





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