Pieces of the Week

Piece of the Week: 8/23/17

Jackets are such an essential part of any outfit, especially as we transition into cooler temperatures. One of my favorite types of jackets is the bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are very on trend lately, and are perfect to wear for any occasion. They dress up a more casual outfit but can also be worn super casually, and the thin material is great for this time of year! I found this floral bomber jacket for a very low price at Forever 21 and I’ve been finding so many cute ways to wear it, so I decided to make it my piece of this week.


This jacket is a black silky material, which makes it look and feel way more expensive than it is. Multiple people asked me if it was from Zara or more high-end stores. I also think the material, which is the usual material for bombers, gives it a kind of sophisticated look. It just has a simple, muted color floral pattern and a cute silver circle zipper detail. The colors of the flowers are pretty neutral but definitely provide a pop of color in a look.

A few days ago, I paired this jacket with a simple white tee, a black and silver belt, some frayed jeans, and Puma sneakers to create a trendy but simple outfit. This jacket to me is a great staple piece, and it really shines when it can be the focus of an outfit. I’ve also worn it before with more colorful and fancier pieces, and it still always gets me noticed!

What’s your favorite statement clothing item? Show me in the comments down below!




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