Pieces of the Week

Piece of the Week: 8/16/17

I have been so beyond busy this week since I’m leaving for Europe on Friday, but I’ve made time to show you all my piece of the week! This week, we’re combining two of my favorite trends: chambray and skorts! This awesome skort is super cute, versatile, comfortable, and easy to style, and that is why I knew I had to have it when I saw it in the store.


I love chambray because it’s like a comfier, cheaper version of denim—what’s not to love about that? It can come off a little less edgier and more boho than denim, which is great for the summertime. This particular fabric has some fraying on the edges that makes it more unique and keeps with this summer’s trend of cool, interesting denim.

Skorts are the love child of skirts and shorts, and all I can say is thank God for that pairing! Having something that looks like a skirt but feels like shorts is so comfortable and useful. It appears fancier than it is and takes away the worry of your skirt being too short or flying up in the wind. My skort has a cute little tie that makes it look like a wrap skirt, a style that is huge this summer. This piece is super easy to style because it is both a skirt and shorts, both denim and not really. It’s the queen of contradictions in the best way!

I kept it simple when styling this cute summer skort. Obviously I chose black as my accent color (when don’t I?) in the form of a black off-the-shoulder, bell sleeve bodysuit and black heels. Both of these pieces are simple yet fashion-forward, but they keep the focus of the look on the bottoms. I think this skort is so great to wear to a date, a summer party, or to class, which is why I love it so much!


What do you think of skorts? Let me know down below!




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