Pieces of the Week

Piece of the Week: 8/10/17

Yes, I’m already slacking on Piece of the Week and accidentally doing it on a Thursday instead of a Wednesday—it’s been a busy week! But I think the amazing simplicity of my pick for this week will make up for it. Behold: white sneakers. That’s really all they are. But they are becoming more and more trendy by the day, and have such a classic value that attributes to why I love them so much.


You may have seen a bunch of influencers and celebrities rocking simple white sneakers lately. Both men and women have been wearing a shoe similar to this for decades because they have such a timeless appeal. These shoes are the quintessential image of “tennis shoes,” and you probably could wear them in an athletic setting. However, they really shine in every single outfit you can think of. A cute sundress is made more edgy with them, jeans and a top are kept simple, and a jumpsuit is given an unexpected twist.


While I love black, I have to admit that white shoes do a better job of keeping things neutral and clean looking. If you’re wearing darker colors, white shoes are sure to brighten things up and call some attention to your look. My specific pair is from H&M, because I didn’t want to splurge on such a simple piece. They have a 1.5 inch platform that makes them a little trendier and gives me some height, but other than that, they’re plain as can be. They’re comfortable and easy to slip on, and I’m so excited to wear them all the time when I’m in Europe this semester. Clean, fresh, white shoes are every girl’s best friend because they will work for literally everyone in every look!

What are your thoughts on this super simple trend? Tell me in the comments!




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