Jumping Into the Weekend


Jumpsuits are one of the biggest trends of the past few months, as well as one of my personal favorites. Whether they’re strapless, one shoulder, overalls, or denim, printed, or plain, these one piece outfits almost guarantee you’ll look trendy and put together. Jumpsuits are ideal for any occasion, which is probably why I find myself slowly but surely purchasing many different kinds. This week, I debuted one of my favorite new pieces: this comfy wide leg jumpsuit.


Obviously, jumpsuits are pretty easy to wear because they’re all one garment. In this case, with function comes fashion, because jumpsuits automatically elevate you beyond a simple top and bottoms combo. Styling a jumpsuit right is oh-so important to your achieving your overall fashionista look. I picked up this comfy gray jumpsuit from Ruby and Jenna and am in love with it already. The wide leg gives a retro flair, and the open top allows you to wear a multitude of shirts underneath. The straps also cross in the back, adding an extra little detail to this trendy jumpsuit.

I paired this jumpsuit with a simple white tank underneath, because I wanted it to be the focus piece of my entire look. However, it would look great with a tube or cropped top, a tight patterned shirt, or a long sleeve top (which I plan on rocking this winter). Jumpsuits go perfectly with heels and platforms because they automatically make your legs look miles long. Since I’m not too tall, the legs were a little overwhelming on me with flat shoes. So I chose my Steve Madden white rope-bottomed platforms. I topped off the look with this cute moon necklace, which can be worn long or wrapped around twice. The beads and color of this necklace matched the indie but trendy vibe I was going for that day.

IMG_9615.JPGI got so many compliments on this look both on Instagram and in real life, which further proved my belief that jumpsuits are the ultimate stylish piece right now. I kept the styling very simple, yet this outfit still drew attention to me because of what the jumpsuit does for both my body and my vibe! I definitely will be adding more versatile jumpsuits like this one to my closet ASAP.

Do you love jumpsuits as much as I do? Show me your favorites in the comments!





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