Blue Jean Baby

Happy Sunday night, everyone! As the weekend dies down, I’m still so obsessed with my look from last night. I went to dinner by the bay, and chose to rock a denim on denim look for the chilly night. While double denim is a trend that is often cited as a fashion “don’t,” it can look so cute if you wear it right! The key is to keep it super simple and make sure the washes of denim are similar. Check out how I wore it, in the form of two-tone jeans and a denim jacket!

To start off this outfit, I chose one of my favorite new purchases: these two-tone, high-waisted jeans from Missguided. Fun jeans with cool details are super popular right now and are a great way to jazz up any outfit. This pair features this awesome two-tone denim, which creates a great contrast, white stitching down the leg, and a frayed hem. They are such a visually interesting piece that can complement any style or outfit.
I paired these jeans with a simple, casual white tee with frilled sleeves. I thought these pieces worked well together because the jeans are more edgy and urban, while the top is feminine. The white also picks up the white in the jeans and gives the look a light vibe. For shoes, I wore these classic tan colored block heels. These shoes are great because they can easily transition from day to night looks, and the neutral color looks great with anything. While I usually opt for black as an accent color, I thought using white and tan with these denim washes achieved a more summery look.

Lastly, I threw on my distressed oversize denim jacket to keep me cool by the bay. The wash of this denim is similar but not exactly the same as the darker wash in the jeans, which keeps the whole look cohesive. To wear denim on denim, the denim shouldn’t look too similar, but rather should complement each other. You don’t want it to look like you’re wearing two pieces from the same piece of fabric, but rather two distinct things that work together. The two-tone of the jeans is a cool detail that is different from the rips in the jacket, but the details of both pieces make them look super cool when worn together.

Too much of any trend can be overwhelming, but when you find the balance, it can make you a total trendsetter! Since denim is such a classic staple in American wardrobes, I suggest you all learn how to best rock your favorite denim pieces in cool new ways, to achieve a cool and chic look like this one!


How do you wear denim on denim? Tell me about it in the comments!



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