Simplicity is Key

If you haven’t already been able to tell, I’m a pretty simple girl when it comes to style. While I appreciate the beauty of a great statement piece, my heart belongs to blacks, denim, and plain fabrics. I embodied all things simple in this cute weekend dinner outfit, which is also super affordable and comfy!


Zara has been one of my favorite stores lately, mostly due to how they carry both super trendy pieces and basic favorites, providing endlessly versatile pieces. Their stuff is also great quality and decently priced! This outfit incorporates some ripped jeans and a simple white tank from Zara. Zara jeans are amazing in my opinion, because they fit so well and come in a huge variety of styles and washes. This pair are a medium wash with some basic distressing and frayed hems. The tank is just a plain white tank with some ruffles on the straps. These two pieces as the basis of my simple outfit allowed me to have a little bit of fun with the rest of the look.

To start incorporating my favorite color into the outfit, I added a black silk jacket on top of my tank. This is actually a bomber jacket that I bought bigger than I needed, because I think it looks great laying almost like a blazer, as seen here. It’s so cute and comfortable and can be worn with literally anything! I topped off the black with my favorite black Steve Madden platforms, which are literally breaking because of how much I wear them. These shoes are great to add a little edge and height, but still keep it pretty cool and casual.

I added some simple accessories to finish off this look: my sorority’s signature arrow necklace, my everyday watch, and a cool gray wrap bracelet. Keeping the jewelry silver maintained the simplistic look and gives a nice contrast against the black.

I really love this look and think that it epitomizes a simple outfit that can be manipulated depending on your style—some may choose to add a bright statement necklace or patterned sneakers with it, and that would look awesome! Any fashionista appreciates the value of a minimalist outfit once in a while in a world overpowered by loud trends.

What’s your favorite simple wardrobe staple? Let me know in the comments!




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