The “3 Piece Trick”

Recently, I was reading an article online about how to amp up your summer style. While there are endless tips out there on how to rock the latest trends and wear something out of your comfort zone, I think a lot of us still struggle with how to look awesome on a daily basis. As a self-proclaimed fashionista, I love my clothes and feel confident in my ability to put together cute outfits; but sometimes, I’m not sure how to make an ordinary look extraordinary.

One of the things from this article that really stuck with me was a concept called the three piece trick. Since most outfits consist of two basic pieces (not including shoes), adding a third “extra” piece can give that extra oomph to any look. The extra piece can be anything you want, whether it be another layer, a piece of jewelry, or an accessory. It just needs to act as a statement piece! A few examples: boyfriend jeans and a floral tank, plus a blazer. A cute skirt and a simple top, plus a statement necklace. A dress with a denim jacket, plus a brightly colored bag.

The three piece rule allows you to do a few things. It makes your look more involved, making it look like you really thought about your look and know a thing or two about fashion. It also gives you the chance to add a piece you may not know how to wear, or something outside of your comfort zone. It also can really bring home your personal style and make a strong statement to those around you about who you are as a person and a dresser. I will definitely be utilizing this trick to add some expertise and drama to my looks in the future!

Have you tried this trick? Or, do you have any other tricks to looking fashionable? Let me know down below!




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