Polka Dots + Studs

Today, I wanted to share my vintage yet modern outfit of the day. This look is only focused on two key pieces that clash with each other in a cool way. I love mixing vibes that don’t usually go together, so I’m really loving this look!

It all starts off with this wrap dress by Billabong that I recently purchased. Wrap dresses are a classic piece whether you’re 17 or 57, because they make everyone look great. They’re also a great silhouette for any occasion because they’re flattering and fashion-forward without being too revealing or inappropriate. This one is just a simple black and white polka dot pattern, which again, suits everyone! I’m not usually huge on patterns but to me, this was like an updated version of a dress that women would wear in the 1950s, which is super cool. I love when fashion trends come back in new and exciting ways. It’s like the designer of this dress took something that is clearly retro and reminiscent of the past and made it new again.

I completed this look with a pair of shoes that, to me, gives off a much different vibe. These black studded sandals are very edgy and hip to me, not at all looking back to past fashion trends. They brought out the black in the dress (we all know I love black), and almost continued the polka dot theme in an abstract way with the circular studs.  The pairing of these shoes with this dress is a very eye-catching combo, but it achieves just the right amount of fun and class.

I accessorized with some simple silver hoops that also have little circles on them, and my everyday jewelry to keep the focus on the busy dress. In the pictures above, I wore my everyday black bag with fringe. Again, this piece gives off a completely different vibe to me—more bohemian chic—but when put in the larger context of the outfit, it worked. Fashion is all about experimenting and going against the status quo, so never be afraid to mix unlikely pieces or patterns.


I wore this to work today, but I would definitely wear it to dinner, for a day in the city, or even on a date. How can you go wrong with a flattering shape, an updated version of a classic pattern, and statement shoes? Answer: you can’t!

What do you think of this look? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!



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