Summer is in Bloom

If you, like me, are a fan of the ever-iconic movie The Devil Wears Prada, then you will laugh when I start this post by saying that florals for summer are anything but groundbreaking. When most of us think of florals, they’re usually in a feminine silhouette, light colors, and exclusively worn when the sun is shining. One of my favorite things to do is push the boundaries of style conventions ever so slightly, so today I decided to put a little bit of a twist on this idea by pairing a girly, floral top with an edgy black skirt.


I’m not usually a huge fan of florals, but when I saw this top I had to have it. I love tube tops and the instantly girly vibe they give off. Plus, this flowy layered shape looks good on everyone. I also like how the floral design on this top is obvious, but doesn’t have a huge petal in your face. It’s more subtle and linear, which fits more with my style. In the past, I’ve paired this top by the brand Wayf with light jeans and strappy sandals; and don’t get me wrong, it looks great! But today, I had a different vision.

On the bottom, I wore a black denim skirt with an asymmetrical hem. The dark color alone provides a nice contrast to the lightness on top, but the interesting shape and frayed edges of the skirt really push the look to the next level. In my opinion, the pairing of these two pieces gave the whole a really interesting silhouette and a vibe that is not usually associated with summer florals. I also chose a shoe that is a little more edgy: a simple tan mule, which is one of my favorite shoes to throw on this summer. It’s kind of androgynous and goes with anything; it was especially great for this look since it matched the top.


I think it’s really cool to challenge the prevailing narrative in all aspects of life. When it comes to fashion, I’m not usually the one to wear a crazy and out-there new trend, but it’s fun to mix it up with pieces you feel comfortable in. Wearing something in a new or different way can make you think of new ideas you never would have considered, and can maybe even inspire others around you to change up their style. So don’t be afraid to throw on white jeans in the winter, a plaid shirt with a bright skirt, a dress with a turtleneck, or whatever other unconventional combo you can think of!

How do you like to wear florals? Show me in the comments below!




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