Style Iconography

Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Courtney Love. What do all these fabulous women have in common? In many circles, they are considered style or fashion icons to those who have come after them. A style icon is essentially someone who serves as your fashion inspiration, and while you may not actively reference them when choosing outfits, it’s important to have one or two people whom you view as icons. Whether you admire a specific look of theirs, or just resonate with their aesthetic, being able to think about how someone older and wiser than you worked with clothing allows you to put a referential twist on pieces.


Two of my major style icons are Debbie Harry and Olivia Palermo. While they have extremely different style vibes, they both have a clear vibe that epitomizes their look and what they want to say about themselves. As Blondie’s front woman, Debbie Harry was one of the first young women to embrace the “rocker” aesthetic through studs, leather, and vintage designs. She would shop at thrift stores and was fearless when it came to fashion; she didn’t care what anyone thought of her look. She actually wore a lot of the things that have come back into fashion today!

Palermo, on the other hand, is one of my more modern style icons because she always keeps it classy. Whether she’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a printed avant-garde ensemble, she always looks put together and elegant. Palermo knows how to embrace trends and make them her own, which is what makes her style so unique. She also is the queen of accessorizing and perfectly shows how a cool bag or pair of sunglasses does wonders for a cohesive look.

In my opinion, it’s super important to have people such as these lovely ladies to look up to from a fashion standpoint. Style icons are dubbed so because they have the ability to influence both trends and the style of others. I don’t try to dress like Debbie Harry or Olivia Palermo, but I am obsessed with everything they wear and subconsciously aim to embody their unique styles. Whomever they may be, find your inspiration in the looks of others, and you will definitely feel more confident in your ability to develop your own style!

Who are your style icons? Tell me why in the comments!



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