Clothes Mean Nothing

I thought I’d start my first blog post by talking a little bit about what fashion means to me, why I love it so much, and why I decided to start this blog. If you’ve checked out my “About Me” page, you know that I’m pretty young and am only just developing myself as a person and a fashion aficionado. I’ve spent my whole life loving clothes—but why? The answer, to me, is simple: there is no better way to express yourself. No matter how many times you cut and die your hair, it’s still your hair. With fashion, you can take anything and everything and make it clothing, and no one can tell you you’re wrong.  While we say things are “trending” or “so out” in the fashion world, no one can tell you that they aren’t your style. Your style is whatever you want it to be; it can change day-to-day, it can be the same or different as anyone else. That’s the beauty of fashion, and of personal style.

How would I describe my style? I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to answer that, certainly not at the ripe age of 20. I like things that are simple, yet make a statement. I love black, but always appreciate a good pop of color. Usually, I wear classic, slightly edgy pieces, but I can’t deny the beauty of a boho vibe. Overall, I value looking classic and put-together, and try to pick pieces that embody that. Style is ever-evolving, and can mean anything you want it to mean. As Marc Jacobs said, “clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” No one can wear the same piece the same way, because we all impress our own vibes and style upon it, and that is what defines fashion to me.

 I’ve thought about starting a style blog for a while now, and I’m happy to finally do so. While I had doubted the endeavor because I feared not becoming a “popular” style blogger, I realized that was silly. Everything you do should be because you want to do it, and I want to do this! I love writing, mostly because it is something that comes so naturally to me. I’ll sit down to write an article or even a paper for school, and before I know it, hours have passed and I have pages written of thoughts I didn’t even know I had. I love releasing my thoughts and ideas to the world, even if my audience is only one other person. A blog allows me to share my ideas with whoever will listen. As I explained above, I also love fashion, and am on a journey of discovering my own style. I aspire to have a career in the fashion industry, so while this blog may not be profitable, why not start building my portfolio now, and enjoy doing it?!

 So while this blog is about me and my journey with fashion, I definitely encourage everyone to forge their own path in relation to clothes. Make your style whatever you want it to be, and change it on a whim, because there’s no wrong way to dress! I hope you find some sort of inspiration or ideas in this blog, and enjoy!




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